Useful Links

Arms of Lochac

Kingdom of Lochac Website

 Ynys Fawr Photo Collection


Medieval Fight Club

Medieval Fightclub stocks Australia’s largest range of ‘”re-enactment ready”

and collectible items.

Whether you want weapons or armour for battle or tents, cauldrons

and other living history accessories visit MFC


JD’s Battery Service

Auto and Marine Battery Specialist.”

Provided the batteries and solar panels for the archery shed lighting.


Baron Sir Guillaume d’Oze     Rattan sword making instruction videos

Clip 1               Clip 2               Clip 3              Clip 4               Clip 5              Clip 6


A Collection Of Useful Links About Running Events (Mostly USA)

Stegan’s Florilegium Archive                                       Autocrat’s Checklist

Artemesia Event Sterard Handbook                           The Autocrat’s Friend

Event Planning                                                               An Tir Event Stewards’ Web Site

Rob Peter To Feed Paul: Halving Feast Costs 

 A Collection Of Useful Links About Running Events (Lochac)

Lochac Crown Event Bid Handbook                           Basic Guideline For Running An Event  

 How To Run An Event Without Hurting Yourself        Information For Stewards Barony of Ildhafn