Baronial Meetings

Monthly Baronial Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm. If you would like to learn more of the goings on within our great Barony please come along. If you can’t make it in person, perhaps you can attend long-distance, using your computer as a conference phone.

Agendas and Minutes in date order.

bb_doc_125 Minutes for the 19th February 2014
bb_doc_124 Minutes
 for the 15th January 2014
bb_doc_124 Agenda for the 15th January 2014
bb_doc_123 Minutes for the 17th December 2013
bb_doc_123 Agenda for the 17th December 2013
bb_doc_122 Agenda for the 20th November 2013
bb_doc_121 Minutes for the 17th October 2013
bb_doc_121 Agenda for the 17th October 2013
bb_doc_120 Minutes for the 19th September 2013
bb_doc_120 Agenda for the 19th September 2013
bb_doc_119 Minutes for the 15th August 2013
bb_doc_119 Agenda for the 15th August 2013
bb_doc_118 Minutes for the 18th July 2013
bb_doc_118 Agenda for the 18th July 2013

bb_doc_117 Minutes for the 20th June 2013
bb_doc_117 Agenda for the 20th June 2013
bb_doc_116 Minutes for the 16th May 2013
bb_doc_116 Agenda for the 16th May 2013
bb_doc_115 Minutes for the 18th April 2013
bb_doc_115 Agenda for the 18th April 2013
bb_doc_114 Minutes for the 21st March 2013
bb_doc_114 Agenda for the 21st March 2013
bb_doc_113 Minutes
 for the 21st February 2013
bb_doc_113 Agenda
 for the 21st February 2013
bb_doc_112 Minutes for the 17th January 2013
bb_doc_112 Agenda for the 17th January 2013
bb_doc_111 Minutes
 for the 20th December 2012
bb_doc_111 Agenda for the 20th December 2012
bb_doc_110 Minutes
 for the 15th November 2012
bb_doc_110 Agenda for the 15th November 2012
bb_doc_109 Minutes for the 20th September 2012
bb_doc_109 Agenda for the 20th September 2012
bb_doc_108 Minutes for the 16th August 2012
bb_doc_108 Agenda for the 16th August 2012
bb_doc_107 Minutes for the 19th July 2012
bb_doc_107 Agenda for the 19th July 2012

bb_doc_106 Minutes for the 20th June 2012
bb_doc_106 Agenda for the 20th June 2012
bb_doc_105 Minutes for the 17th May 2012
bb_doc_105 Agenda for the 17th May 2012
bb_doc_104 Minutes for the 26th April 2012
bb_doc_104 Agendum for the 26th April 2012
bb_doc_103 Minutes for the 15th March 2012
bb_doc_103 Agenda for the 15th March 2012
bb_doc_102 Minutes for the 16th February 2012
bb_doc_102 Agenda for the 16th February 2012
bb_doc_101 Minutes for the 19th January 2012
bb_doc_101 Agenda for the 19th January 2012
bb_doc_100 Minutes for the 15th December 2011
bb_doc_100 Agenda for the 15th December 2011
bb_doc_99 Minutes for the 17th November 2011
bb_doc_99 Agenda for the 17th November 2011
bb_doc_98 Minutes for the 20th October 2011
bb_doc_98 Agenda for the 20th October 2011
bb_doc_97 Minutes for the 15th September 2011
bb_doc_97 Agenda for the 15th September 2011
bb_doc_96 Minutes for the 18th August 2011
bb_doc_96 Agenda for the 18th August 2011
bb_doc_95 Minutes for the 21st July 2011
bb_doc_95 Agenda for the 21st July 2011

bb_doc_94 Minutes for the 17th June 2011
bb_doc_94 Agenda for the 17th June 2011