Baronial Awards

Baronial Awards of Ynys Fawr
To recommend someone for a Baronial Award, please email Their Excellencies.
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Azure Pennon (ap)
This is the Baronial Arts and Sciences award. It can be given for Armouring, Brewing, Calligraphy, Dancing, Embroidery, Fibre craft, Garb making, Herbal studies, Illumination, Juggling, Knotwork, Leatherwork, Millinery, Needlework, Overdresses, Pottery, Quintain making, Research, Storytelling, Tumbling, Undergarments, Vinting, Weaving, Xylophone playing, Yarn embroidery, Zoology in period.

Billowing Sail (bs)
Award to households who have assisted and supported the Barony through long service.

Bronze Falchion (bf)
Is our award for the arts martial. That can include heavy, fencing, light combat, target archery and siege weapons. The first one ever given was for target archery.

Garnet Anchor (ga)
New companions of the order of the Garnet Anchor are admitted for service to the Barony. It may be for cooking, cleaning, teaching, stewarding, setting up, packing up, transporting, doing an officer position well and other such helpful things.

Sable Chain (sc)
This is to recognise those that try everything that the SCA has to offer, A&S’s, fighting, stewarding an event, taking on an office and so on.

Shining Beacon (sb)
Given to those who stay in persona, and act as a role model for behaviour.