Tourney Results

Ynys Fawrs Tournaments of Prowess
To the most noble combatants who participated in Sir Guillaume d’Oze Tournaments of Prowess congratulations to you all for a series of Tournaments fought with honour & prowess.
A big thank you to Sir Guillaume d’Oze for putting together this fantastic series.

Special congratulations go to:

Lord Lothar von Dargun winner of the Grand Prize 500 Gold and overall Victor

Lord David de Derlington for best Heraldic display over the Tournaments

Sir Guillaume d’Oze for the most number of Victories

Combatant Fought Won Points
Sir Guillaume d’Oze 31 23 23
Lord Wulfgar Jarnsida 31 22 23
Lord Lothar von Dargun 31 18 25
Lord Anselm da Calabria 31 15 20
Lord Phillip de Ravenshagh 31 13 15
Lord David de Darlington 31 8 14
Lord Sigfried von Eschenbach 26 8 13
King Gabriel de Baumont 9
Lordship Gershom of Ravensdale 9
Lord John Dai of the Lane 9
Lord Frodi of Scarfell 17
Lord Hamish Bearshoulders 17