Steward for Invest / Divest ?

Greetings unto the Populace of Ynys Fawr,

To date I have received two submissions for stewarding Invest and Divest on the 20th of October. If you would like to steward this event please submit your submission to me before the 6th of July.

In Service,

David de Derlington
Seneschal, Ynys Fawr

Increased Non-Member Surcharge and GST

Greetings unto the populace of Ynys Fawr,

Recently at the Baronial Meeting and over the last few days some questions have been asked by a number of people within the Kingdom regarding the increased non-member surcharge to cover Insurance and GST.

Glynnis Hollindale our SCA Ltd Treasurer has supplied the following answers to some of your questions.

Question 1 – When does the Insurance Surcharge start?

Answer 1 – The Insurance Surcharge will be applicable at events, meetings and fighter practices from the 1st of September 2012. Reeves will be expected to remit surcharges with their Q3 report

NB: Further negotiation is occurring with the Insurance Company and we are planning to make a more detailed announcement with hopefully less onerous requirements closer to the applicable date.

Question 2 – Does the $5 Insurance Surcharge replace the $2 event membership we currently charge or is it in addition to the $2?

Answer 2 – Yes, it is a replacement of the $2.

Previously, the $2 event membership helped us pay the $10K. Now the $5 Insurance Surcharge is in addition to the $10K and will be passed on directly to AoN. There are also different requirements for the application of the Insurance Surcharge.

Question 3 – You are saying that we do not have to pay this [non-member insurance] until September. My interpretation was that the insurance company was prepared to accept the payments on the basis of attendance numbers, ie in arrears which to my interpretation means we should be charging it from 1st July to be handed on. Please can you clarify this situation for us?

Answer 3 – Yes, the insurance company is happy to receive in arrears. Yes we do not have the charge it until 1st September. SCA Ltd will not be paying anything until 1st December 2012.

Question 4 – As we are now paying GST as we are over the limit for a Non-Profit organisation when we book halls can we no longer claim to be a non-profit group?

Answer 4 – No, it does not impact on our Non-profit status.

Non-profit status is based on the articles in our Constitution that forbid distribution of funds to members other than as reimbursements in our capacity as members and that if SCA Ltd closes, the money will go to a similar organisation and not distributed among the members. We can employ people to work for us such as the accountant and auditor, legal counsel giving us advice etc but not distribute dividends to the membership.

SCA Ltd is paying GST as we have breached the threshold for money passing through the bank accounts. It does not matter if SCA Ltd makes a profit from its activities or not. The fact that SCA Ltd is a non-profit company means that the threshold was higher than the one for a normal business.

Thank you to those people who asked the questions.

In Service,

David de Derlington
Seneschal, Ynys Fawr


Baronial Changeover Information

Greetings unto the populace of Ynys Fawr,

Earlier this year their Excellency’s announced their intention to step down as our Baron and Baroness.

I have been in discussion with Baroness Hróðný Aradóttir, Chamberlain to Their Highnesses, Henri and Beatrice with regard to the Baronial changeover and would like to announce that the timeframe for Letters of Intent opens on Friday the 8th of June.

Could all Letters of Intent please be sent to the following email addresses and my own email address

The Barony has a little over 19 weeks before the Baronial changeover, but I would appreciate it if everybody adheres to their Highnesses schedule below as I cannot guarantee your submission if it is received late.

Call for Letters of Interest & Timeline announcement
Open – 8th June 2012
Close – 30th June 2012

Candidate List to be published on the 8th July 2012

Meet the Candidates – Between the 8th of July and the 18th of August the Seneschal will arrange an event to give everyone an opportunity to speak with the Candidates. This may be a formal or informal event dependant on a consensus.

A call for comments will
Open – 22nd July 2012
Close – 18th August 2012

The successful Candidates will be announced on the 1st September 2012

The date for our Baronial changeover to be the 20th October 2012

Should you have any questions please contact me on

Yours in service,

David de Derlington
Seneschal, Ynys Fawr

Do you like Dancing?

Dance Practice

The Place: Salvation Army hall, 73 Hopkins Street, Moonah
When: Every third Tuesday of the month.
The Time: 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
The Cost: $2 – $4? (Dependent on the number of dancers)
Steward: Dance Instructor Jillian Lynch
If you are interested in participating please contact Jillian Lynch.

Medieval Mayhem

When: Saturday, April 21, 2012      10:00am until 4:00pm

 Where: Geeveston, Tasmania, Australia

The legendary medieval day in the lush surrounds of Heritage Park, Geeveston, returns after a long hiatus. This year it’s a joint production of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and the Geeveston Community Centre (GeCo), and we’re aiming small with the idea that it will grow more ambitious in future years.

Words from our King, His Royal Majesty Siridean

Greetings come to all that would hear these words from Siridean, humble servant of the Kingdom,

 In most recent times I was put to task by my predecessor to find a means by which war could be avoided. Being commanded by the Crown to set about His work and did hold council with the wisest of the nobles of the Kingdom and beseech them to aid in the Kings task. As the seasons turned the Crown did summon me to their lands in the Western shores to hear the words of the councillors of the Kingdom. It was with heavy heart that I did share the answer to the King’s questions for it is a hard thing to say to a King his time has ended. Even more pained was I that the council did demand that I set aside my own dreams of happy retirement and called me to serve once again to sit upon the Throne of the Southern Cross.

That day I swore my oaths in good faith. I swore to put aside those that I hold dear, I swore that I would serve and protect the Kingdom and I swore that I would not go to war. The Lady of Glenmore did so swear the same and did enter into a bond with me to rule this Kingdom justly and fairly. Soon after these oaths were spoken did rumours of such ill nature regarding the Queen that I could not believe my ears, but trusting in the words that I heard the Queen speak with my own ears I did ignore them. They continued on, but I refused to hear the mummer’s tales. I spurned those that would speak ill of the Lady of Glenmore. But alas it would seem the House Glenmore has called the muster and have asked that others from the Kingdom join her cause of Glenmore.

Yet I am not yet prepared to believe the worst of Our Queen and have faith that in Our court in the Barony of Ynys Fawr these vicious rumours can be put to death!

CAUTION to those that would see this as weakness, for I assure you that the Duke of the South is not to be trifled with and will defend the peace of this Kingdom against ALL persons that would break Our peace. Know ye this if Lion of the Heartland is forced into a fight we will not be marching to war, but marching in the name of peace for I am not an oath breaker. I say to you now that I have not broken the words of my oath and I hold them in my heart where they will not be broken least pour from my shattered heart with my life’s blood.

Good People of Lochac prepare yourselves for the defence of the Realm and unite under the banner of Blue, the colours shared by Lochac and House MacLachlan.


Strange Missives

Greetings unto the populace of Ynys Fawr,

I know that some of you may have heard or seen some strange missives that have been bandied around our Barony and the Kingdom. I am sure these are just rumours made by persons who would see the Kingdom split in twain.
I ask that you ignore them. Our King and Queen visit our shores on the morrow and ask that you welcome them both with open arms.

In service,

David de Derlington
Seneschal Ynys Fawr

Missive to His Majesty

Unto his Majesty, Siridean of Lochac, does your humble subject, Ailis inghean Mheadhbha give greetings.

Unfortunately, I send dark tidings, whilst it goes against my better judgement; I feel that these words cannot go unsaid.

This weekend past, an event was held in your noble Barony of Politarchopolis, at which Her Majesty’s conduct was, shall we say, most peculiar.
Our Queen was witnessed offering libations to Venus, the Goddess of Love, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Instead of spending such an auspicious occasion with Your Majesty, arm in arm was she, at the foot of your very throne, with none other than her Knights Councillor!

Her Majesty was espied *lying* in the green field beside a large figure bearing strong resemblance to this self same Councillor, to whom she was later seen blowing *kisses* while he did battle for her honour.

Immediately before she held her court, without Your illustrious presence, she was witnessed in the arms of this gentle, upon which occasion Jove demonstrated his displeasure by exploding her newly strung beads, a portent of punishments he was yet to inflict upon your fair barony.

As the gods did frown upon Her Majesty’s indiscretions, weeping tears in torrents upon the revellers, Her Majesty is rumoured to have run to seek shelter by the side of her lover, hidden from view by a score of young men of unnecessary stature.

 Strange Missive?

The Queen is greatly vexed, and feels that Her position alongside the King as His equal has been grossly undermined during Her absence. See the intercepted message below to understand Her ire and indignation. It seems inevitable that the fragile peace of Our Land will be rent asunder in bloody civil war. Your Queen calls on you, Her loyal subjects to don the green and join Her on the battlefields of Rowany. The time for reconciliation is coming to a close with the visit to Ynys Fawr at the end of this month the only remaining event in the Royal Progress prior to Rowany Festival.

Excerpts from a letter intercepted on its way to a Certain Publisher in Edinburgh containing Matters of Import regarding the activities of His Maiestie of Lochac at a recent event in the Crescaunt Isles, to wit: It hath been sayed of late that His Maiestie hath plans to bypass any issue he hath of Her Majestie, favouring instead seed from an earlier planting should it come to harvest in due time.

For Her Maiesty had left the aforementioned Faire but a scant few hours before a certain Woman appeared with a youngling in tow and was seen much in the companie of His Maiestie, said bairn being fair and sturdy and some say very like unto His Maiestie when he was of that age…

Base rumours of her Maiestie and of war within the Old Principality were much bruited about, but no Good Person would countenance such from that Fair Lady, but saw instead such frolickings and fondlings of He who remayned that it left them shocked and stunned.

 …and the populace maruelled greatly for that His Maiesty showed such constitution to be awake all of the night and much of the daie fortified as he was by only spiritous liquors which serued to o’er-heat the brayne and caused him to declaim and singge and proclayme and suchlike for manie hours without end…


It will come as no surprise to recent readers that this website and many of the others on have been feeling a little unwell. The explanation for the extended downtime is long and painful, but here’s the precis: the Masonry team, who look after Lochac’s websites, took the opportunity of some unexpected downtime to upgrade a few features in the name of security and maintainability, and because every silver lining has a cloud, this has meant a certain amount of fiddling with individual branch sites. The results will, eventually, be beneficial for everyone, but for now the lads are paddling hard just to stay in one spot.

By the time you read this, unless you’re suffering the same dreadful lurgi that has me coughing my lungs out and unable to sleep at five in the morning, a bunch of files will have been uploaded to the correct place and you should be able to see them again. That includes all the documents in our Arts & Sciences section, and also all the various photos we have about the site. The theme has changed, but that was coming anyway since the original one had a couple of bugs that made it hard to use on smartphone web browsers. And there will no doubt be some flaky behaviour here and there, but I hope to get that stamped on. Wish me luck!


I am pleased to announce that the Roll of Arms of the barony of Ynys Fawr is finally up and functional. I’ve slurped all the data out of the old database and merged it with the information I already had. I believe we now have everybody on there who has ever received an award in Ynys Fawr… but as usual, there are mysteries.

The first mystery is that almost nobody in that database had a baronial award without also having a kingdom or former principality award as well. That seems very odd indeed! I suspect that some information has been lost, but I can’t find it, due to it being lost. I welcome any help that anyone can give.

There’s also the matter of one award given to one person in the barony, even though the award doesn’t exist! I can find no mention of it anywhere, so I suspect it was a one-off “pretend” award. Nothing wrong with that — I’m on record as a big fan of the Royal Order of the Gingernut, one of Lochac’s best and most unofficial awards. But I will be chasing the recipient down to get the full story.

And sadly, we don’t yet have an Order of Precedence, which is the same as a Roll of Arms but arranged by rank rather than name. That’s on my TODO list for a bit later on.

Still, what we do have is pretty good. Don’t forget to recommend people for awards if you feel they’re lacking, and I’m sure they are! Contact the Baron and Baroness to recommend baronial awards, or send a message via Canon Lore to the King and Queen for kingdom awards and peerages.