Missive from Their Excellencies

To the populace of Ynys Fawr do Anna and Adelindis, Baroness and Baroness of Ynys Fawr, send warmest greetings.

Mere words do not seem adequate to express our thanks to those who have poured the passion of their hearts and the skill and industry of their hands into creating a weekend of celebrations that can rarely have been equalled in the annals of our Barony. But what makes Ynys Fawr great, above all, is her people. And to all who came together this weekend to witness and to celebrate with us, we extend our thanks.

To Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta and The Honourable Lady Elena Anthony and all your crew, your efforts on Saturday, and for many weeks beforehand, created an Investiture event of surpassing splendour. So many people must have contributed to the success of the day and evening that it is impossible to thank you all by name, but know that your work was truly appreciated. Congratulations also to all who received recognition in the courts, there were many shining lights of Ynys Fawr called forth last night that all might hear of their deeds.

To Helewyse, Robert, William and Morwenna de Bonnay, thank you for running an enjoyable and relaxing day of archery today. We hope that Their Majesties are reassured of the safety of their southern borders with such skilled defenders to call upon. And congratulations to Her Majesty for taking first place in the competition.

Thank you to those gentles who have pledged service to us as our Guards and attendants; Drustin of Skye our huscarl and Floki Snorrasson of the Guard; and Mariot de Bonnay; Bridget Wynter and Gocken de Leeu. You have done us proud throughout the weekend, and we are sure that you will continue to do so in future. Thanks also to Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen for acting as our Baronial Herald.

Thanks go also to the outgoing Baron and Baroness, Master Hrolf Herjolfssen and Mistress Madelaine de Bourgogne, for your advice, encouragement and assistance in the past months. It is an honour to succeed you, and we hope to live up to the legacy you have left us. These are very big boots to fill.

To all who ventured across the treacherous seas to be part of this event, it was a privilege to be able to extend the hospitality of Ynys Fawr to you all. It was a great pleasure to see old friends again, and to meet so many new. Special mention must be made of our friends in Phoenix Rise, who descended en masse to share the celebrations. It is ever a pleasure to have you among us.

We would repeat our congratulations to Sir Wulfgar Jarnsiða and his new squire Erlendr Trigvasson; to Haeringr Vihljamasson and his lady Sian on their handfasting; and to Ranmor Argul and Mariot de Bonnay on their engagement. It added an extra dimension to the official celebrations to share those special moments with you across the weekend.

Last, but very definitely not least, we would like to extend our deep and humble thanks to the Crown for the privilege and honour of being asked to serve as Your representatives in Ynys Fawr. It was a great pleasure to have the company of our noble Queen this weekend, and be able to showcase Ynys Fawr’s hospitality and the talent and industry of her populace.

Yours in service,

Anna Felice Tavestoche and Adelindis filia Gotefridi
Baroness and Baroness of Ynys Fawr

Baronial Candidates

Unto the Populace of Ynys Fawr,

It is with great joy that I am able to give notice that Their Excellencies Hrolf and Madelaine announced the following Candidates for Investiture on the 19th of November.

  • TH Lord Aidan Brock and Lady Jennifer le Dragonier de Lille (Kevin & Jennifer Hotson) and
  • Lady Anna Felice Tavestoche (Nicole Hellessey) and Lady Adelindis filia Gotefridi (Liz Williamson).

Statements of intent are available on the Ynys Fawr website and Facebook page.

Polling will open on the 6th May 2016 and close on the 27th May 2016.

Meet the candidates sessions have been scheduled for you to ask any questions you have of the candidates:

  • Canton of Lightwood Geeveston IMOT 7pm Friday 13th May 2016
  • Perth, TAS Saturday 14th May 2016 (time to be confirmed)
  • Barony Training 12pm Sunday 15th May 2016

Polling forms will be provided at each meet the candidates, with envelopes and a sealed box. They will also be available at the Kraken Hall during this time.

Please provide information on what you think the candidates will bring to the role. Also let us know if you have any concerns about their candidacy. If you need more space, please attach another sheet of paper.

Please indicate your support these candidates even if they are not your preferred candidates. This information helps the Crown determine if any candidates are ‘substantively opposed by the populace’.

The poll can be undertaken by any member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (paid or unpaid), adult or minor. Only one opinion per member.

This is your opportunity to have your say and inform the Crown of their decision. Please be assured that all votes will be kept in the strictest confidence by Their Majesties.

The successful Candidates will be announced at the Royal Visit on the 4th June 2016

The date for our Baronial changeover is the 19th of November.
If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact me (details below).

In service to the Crown and dream,
Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta
Ynys Fawr Baronial Succession Administrator

Phone: 0431 355 211
Email: freyjas99@gmail.com

Season Greetings from Their Majesties

Greetings Lochac,

We write from Our home and from Our hearts to you all.

Today We celebrate Christmas and its traditions and dedicate Our time to
family and each other.

It is a time of year where the focus of the individual traditionally
shifts beyond ourselves to those around us. Where we think more of others
and realise that for some this time of year can be tough, and the power of
a smile, a pleasant word or some of your time can have a big impact on the
lives of those around.

As a new year approaches, let us continue to support and appreciate each
other and focus on building the culture that makes this modern historical
community greater than the common day.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and festive new year.

Steffan and Branwen
King and Queen

Ynys Fawr Announce

Ynys Fawr Announce is a private email list and the Barony’s official voice to its members.

The purpose of the Ynys Fawr Announce is to keep our members informed of what is happening within the Barony and the greater Kingdom.

Ynys Fawr Announce is available to our Baronial Officers and Members alike as a tool to announce official SCA activities such as Events, A&S Workshops, Practices, Meetings, their Agendas and Minutes etc.

To make an Announcement send your message via email to ynysfawr-announce@lochac.sca.org and the Seneschal or Webminister will approve your announcement prior to it being published.

Ynys Fawr Announce is not our only form of communication; all Baronial Events, A&S Workshops, Practices, Meetings, their Agendas / Minutes etc. will also be posted on the group’s website http://ynysfawr.lochac.sca.org/ and in addition I encourage our members to use our various facebook pages.

List Courtesy:
We are a community of people sharing our knowledge, keeping informed and in touch.

When making an Announcement on this List or other Media please remember to treat each other with courtesy and respect. Courtesy helps foster a respectful and knowledgeable community, and that benefits everyone.

Be your own editor – re-read what you are posting, make sure what you are posting is correct.

To subscribe to Ynys Fawr Announce please go to

Yours in service,

THL David de Derlington
Ynys Fawr Webminister

Protégée to Mistress Madelaine de Bourgogne

Ynys Fawr Announce

Greetings unto the Populace,

Over the past few months I have been working towards setting up a mailing list to make it easier for Officers, Stewards and Members alike to send out announcements to the populace.

This will replace the existing Yahoo List, and will become the main form of communication for all Baronial Announcements and Events, in conjunction with our Website’s, our Calendar and Facebook pages.

To subscribe to Ynys Fawr Announce please go to

Those Officers and Event Stewards who wish to make an announcement send your emails to ynysfawr-announce@lochac.sca.org

Please continue to email the details through to the Web_Minister@ynysfawr.lochac.sca.org so that in may be posted to the Ynys Fawr webpage and our Calendar. I would suggest that Events are still advertised on Facebook to get maximum coverage.

Yours in service,

David de Darlington
Baronial Web Minister
Protégée to Mistress Madelaine de Bourgogne

The Ynys Fawr Directory

Greetings unto you all,

We are in the process of updating the Ynys Fawr Directory.
If you were in the last Directory and no longer wish to be listed please let me know.
If you were in the last one and your details have changed please let me know.
If you weren’t in the last one but would like to be in this one, I need to know the following:

Mundane Name
SCA Name (If you have one.)
Office (If you hold one.)
Contact Number/s
(Special Instructions – Don’t call after 9pm)
Can you teach?

Please send your details via email to dave367@iinet.net.au

In service to The Barony,

New Seneschal for the Barony of Ynys Fawr

Greetings unto the Populace of Ynys Fawr,

It is the decision of the Kingdom Seneschal that Anna Felice Tavestoche (Nicole Gail Hellessey) be appointed as the next Seneschal of the Barony of Ynys Fawr as of December 1st.

This decision is subject to a commentary period to end on July 7th.

Should you have any concerns or feedback regarding this appointment, please contact the Kingdom Seneschal: seneschal@lochac.sca.org

Yours in service,

David de Derlington
Seneschal, Ynys Fawr

Position Soon Vacant

Greetings unto the Populace of Ynys Fawr,

It is now time to officially advertise for my replacement, I have happily served as the group Seneschal for nearly two years now, my warrant for this position officially expires on the 2nd of July 2013.

While in this position I have had a chance to grow and develop a better understanding of the barony and the Kingdom at large, it has been overall an enjoyable time, I encourage those interested in serving this Barony to please apply.

Please apply in writing detailing your Mundane Name, SCA Name, Membership Number & Expiry, Contact Details, the reason why you would like to do this position and your past experience in any other positions.

Should you wish to find out more go to
or call me, I am happy to talk.

In service to the Barony,

David de Derlington
Seneschal, Ynys Fawr

From Their Excellencies

Greetings all.

We have had some opportunity to review the breadth of our Barony, and we are also reviewing the calendar of activities and meetings we would wish to attend. Ynys Fawr is brimming with activity in one form or another, which is wonderful to see. We are of a mind to be as accessible as we can be, to all within this Barony, however we also need to pace our activity to an even gait in order that we may continue this.
We have decided on certain arrangements that we hope the Barony will embrace in fairness to all of our members. It is already assumed that we intend to visit meetings in the Southern and Northern parts of the Barony when we can, but we may not attend them all.
It is also assumed that we will attend all events, and therefore we will endeavour for at least one of us but usually both of us to do so, and this is also our desire. We ask that all intended autocrats and event stewards present their intentions for holding events to the Baronial Seneschal in advance as much as possible. When and how this is to be done will be at the direction of the Baronial Seneschal.
However we do realise that as our Barony grows, so does the desire to hold events in all parts of the Barony, possibly with more frequency than before. Some of these events may in fact clash or be very close to another event or activity that we may already have promised to attend. We are therefore minded to look in favour on a case by case basis, at such events if they be of a small or casual nature, such as pot luck feasts or picnics. While we may dearly wish to enjoy these events also, we accept that we may not be able to attend all of them and do not wish to impede them, so we intend to consider giving dispensation to such events to be held in our absence. At such small or casual events, we strongly desire that there is a banner or similar symbol of the Barony present, to represent being a part of this Barony.

For Ynys Fawr.
Baroness Madelaine de Bourgogne
Baron Hrolf Herjolfsen

A Missive From Their Excellencies


Forwarded at the request of Her Excellency:
Hello everyone. Thank you for making our Investiture as Baron and Baroness of Ynys Fawr such a great weekend! Thank you also to Their Majesties King Henri and Queen Beatrice for visiting our shores and making the pronouncements and for bestowing awards and recognitions.Congratulations to Their Excellencies Lucas and Madeleine for all that they have achieved in the Barony while being our (previous) Baron and Baroness, and congratulations to them for their elevation to Court Baron and Baroness in recognition for the work they have done for this Barony, which Hrolf and I shall continue.

Also congratulations to Karl Faustus von Achen (Fruitbat) for his Silver Pegasus, Guiliaumde Oze for Order of the Rowan, Morwenna and William be Bonnay on their receiving their Award of Arms, and to Jehanne de Finistere who has also been elevated to Court Baroness for all her services to our Barony over the many years she has been with us.Please know that we intend to travel around our Barony as much as we are able, and with this in mind, if you have any requests for things we can assist with, please let us know. Also we would encourage our members to become familiar with the various Baronial awards, in order that you might tell us who you think are deserving of those awards and recognitions.

For the Barony;
Baroness Madelaine de Bourgogne
Baron Hrolf Herjolfsen.